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FASlink maintains an extensive FASD information website of key articles serving more than 400,000 people annually with more than 130,000 FASD related documents in a searchable database (the FASlink Archives).

The FASlink Discussion Forum shares 50 to 100 letters daily. Our membership is worldwide but most are in Canada and the USA, from the most remote locations to urban centers. In order to maintain our editorial independence and integrity, we don't accept funding from the beverage alcohol industry.

We rely on donations to keep this work going. We do not charge a "membership fee". Many of our members hover on the brink of financial ruin and a membership fee could deny those who need it most access to our information and support. Each gives according to ability. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone is always paying the bills. Please help us continue to provide this vital resource. Without you FASlink cannot cover its expenses.

Bruce Ritchie

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Thank you for helping support FASlink's work. FASlink is not only an educational resource but also a lifeline to hundreds of families (biological, foster and adoptive) who are raising and caring for affected children and adults. Again, thank you. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Bruce Ritchie,
Moderator, FASlink

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