Lake Huron Tepees




There is nothing like a tepee. Gaze at the stars from your bed. Enjoy a warm fire inside on a cold evening. Stay cool on a hot summer day and dry when it rains.

The tepee is an ideal portable shelter. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. Lake Huron Tepees are waterproof, can withstand the roughest weather and are quick to set up and take down. In windy areas, the tepee is exceptionally stable.


Night Light

Tripod Connector Fitting

Our original tepee for 1st Bright's Grove Scouting

Our Production Tepee

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Lake Huron Tepees keep the traditional style but are built using flame retardant, UV resistant reinforced synthetic canvases, brass grommets and web reinforcing.

Use of these modern materials provides extremely durable, light, transportable housing. The industrial strength poly fabric is easier to handle than the old style, heavier cotton canvas and is easily repaired if damaged. However, Lake Huron Tepees' 13 oz. synthetic canvas will have a longer life span under continual use.

The cover fabrics and stitching are produced to heavy industrial standards.

The lace pins are of hardwood doweling and the ropes are of durable woven nylon and polypropylene.

The hem contains cord and web reinforced grommets.

The tent pegs are 10” galvanized steel ardox spikes.


Traditionally, poles are made from long, slender peeled pine trees. However, transporting 20 to 32-foot long poles on a car can present a problem.

For 16 ft. tepees, we use two section EMT galvanized steel tubular poles, one tube inside the other. The 10 foot long poles are easily transported on a roof-rack and extended to 19 ft. at the destination.

Twelve poles are used in the interior. Two lighter external poles control the smoke flaps to help keep the interior smoke-free by moving the flaps to take advantage of the wind direction.

When it rains heavily, the smoke flaps are closed, but there is still a small area for smoke to escape.

The three primary tripod poles are easily connected using our unique 3-way bolt fitting.

For 26 ft. tepees, the wood poles are supplied separately, FOB Tobermory, Ontario. They are of 30 to 32 ft. Balsam fir and are available only between October and May. Bush flies are too wicked in the summer for harvesting the trees.


For additional insulation, a liner can be tied to the inside of the poles. This channels any incoming drafts under the tepee hem upward. This also helps keep the interior smoke-free and keeps the drips at bay if you camp in areas prone to condensation.

Starting at the doorway, a rope is tied to the poles inside the tepee and about 4 feet from the ground, ending at the other side of the doorway. The liner can be made in sections, with each section tied to the rope, reaching the ground. Colourful patterned blankets work well.


Throw mats or indoor / outdoor carpet work well. For a more permanent camp, a covered plywood floor can be used.


Usually a small fireplace is made a bit back from the center of the lodge. It is surprising how quickly a small stick fire heats the interior of the tepee as the walls reflect the heat. A shallow hole about 15 inches in diameter is lined with stones.

An excellent alternative is to use a cooking wok with a ring-stand and cover. The fire is above ground and the metal sides radiate heat. Stones can be placed around the wok to absorb heat to help keep the tepee warm when the fire goes out. The lid allows the fire to be quickly extinguished. Use only good dry wood that burns with a clear flame. Any smoke within will serve as an incense and keep the mosquitoes away.

A portable propane campfire can also be used.