Archaeological Expedition, Yukon Territory - 1959

At age 15, the authour, Bruce Ritchie, spent the summer working with the National Museum of Canada's Archaeological Department in the Yukon. All the photographs were shot using a Kodak Brownie Starflash camera and Ektachrome slide film (probably ASA 25).

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Bill Baker, Dennis Kelly, Dr. R.S. (Scotty) MacNeish, Charles Martijn
Charles Martijn, Scotty MacNeish, Bruce Ritchie, Ron Chambers, Dennis Kelly
Kluane campsite in early morning. Nighttime was really twilight as the sun dipped behind a mountain for an hour or so. The photos appear darker as the film was slow (ASA 25) and I was using a basic box camera.

The dig site. Near North Arm, west side of Kluane Lake. (JeVc on the grid)

yukon18.jpg A highly productive location, during the month of July we found some 10,000 artifacts here.

The beach provided a relatively mosquito-free area. Productive surface collection along the embankment.
Rounding up and riding semi-wild horses was good recreation. The horses are used in Big Game hunts.
31", 8 pound Great North Pike. Fought like a log. It took two Red Devil spinners to catch him.

Kluane Lake facing westward from the summit of Echo Mountain. Climbing was easier than the descent. Magnificent view.

Our 22 foot, flatbottom boat with a 5 HP motor was our link with the west side of Kluane Lake.
The Queen and Prince Phillip visit Whitehorse.
It was on this trip that the Queen announced she was pregnant with Prince Andrew.
I was able to stand immediately behind a row of local dignitaries. There was never a question of the Queen''s security in those days.
Bruce Ritchie at the museum in Whitehorse.
Local First Nations Chiefs await the arrival of the Queen and Prince Phillip at the Tutshi Museum in Whitehorse, Yukon.

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